About Us

Mission Statement

NAJWA Dance Corps (NDC) is a professional dance company devoted to the performance, production and preservation of dance styles and techniques reflective of the African American dance heritage and experience. The Company offers and provides high quality arts programming and makes art accessible to audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.


NDC showcases, year-round, the breathtaking diversity of African-influenced dance in a historical context. From the rituals of traditional Africa to the glamorous chorus girls of the swing era, and various dance styles of today, NDC brings joyous, fascinating life to the different dance cultures that have influenced contemporary American dance.

Executive Staff

Najwa I

Founder and Artistic Director

Sheila Walker Wilkins

Executive Director

Andrea (Najwii) Vinson

Artistic Director - Najwa Dance Corps

Brenda (Malika) Moore

Artistic Director - Najwa Junior Corps