Malika (Brenda) Moore

Artistic Director - Najwa Junior Corps
"I like to describe my choreography as a unique brand of mystical, magical dance in motion."

Brenda (Malika) Moore is an electrifying performer, incomparable choreographer and master instructor. Moore’s extensive dance career has spanned across cities, states and continents.

Malika’s captivating Caribbean, mesmerizing modern, enticing African, and sizzling fire dances have hypnotized hundreds and thrilled thousands.

Students of dance have been stimulated by Malika’s superior style at various venues including Lou Conte’s Dance Studio, Beverly Arts Center,
Joel Hall Dance Center, Najwa Dance Corps Studio, Old Town School of Folk Music, CCS Cultural Arts Center, Iowa State University and Illinois State University.

Ms. Moore has been invited to participate as an Artist-in - Residence for the City of Chicago Council of Fine Arts and at Northeastern University's Jacob H.
Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies. In addition, she has served on the Dance Program Advisory Panel for Illinois Arts Council, A State Agency and is currently an Alvin Ailey Ambassador for The Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University.

Malika has toured with the Free Street Theater and has performed with Chicago Dance Medium, Chicago Dance Laboratory, Julian Swain Dance Theater, Ruth Page Dance Series, Ed Wilkerson’s “Flat Earth World Jazz Tour”, Walt Disney’s “Lion King”, and Count Basie’s “Salute to Red Saunders’ 50 Years in Show Business” at the Chicago Auditorium Theater which premiered NAJWA Dance Corps, “A Salute to Black Dance in America “at the Brooklyn (NY) Academy of Music.

Other stellar accomplishments include television sitcoms and films, Oprah Winfrey’s “Brewster Place, the “Blues Brothers” and “Cooley High”.
Currently Malika a Dancer with NAJWA Dance Corps and the Artistic Director of NAJWA Junior Corps.