NAJWA Junior Corps

The NAJWA Junior Corps (NJC) was re-established in 2007 and performed in NAJWA Dance Corps “Heritage” Concert. NAJWA Junior Corps (NJC) was recreated to advance members to a high quality performance level after years in training and classes at NAJWA Dance Corps Studio. The students that are chosen for NJC have demonstrated potential for advancement by their dance skills, discipline and interest to continue.

Although some members of NJC have become members of NAJWA Dance Corps, other NJC graduates have gone on to become dance instructors, attended college through dance scholarships, and held positions as dance assistants, while others have become professional dancers, dance directors, dance therapists, and physical therapists.

These young dancers and musicians, ages eighteen and below, are committed to the art of dance and music. In addition to their performing in NDC’s student concert, which is held annually each June, they perform at numerous events throughout the year under the artistic direction of Malika (Brenda) Moore.